Vaccuum hook-up


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Heh everyone, where should I get my vaccuum hook-up for the Duraspark II distributor, right off the manifold, before the throttle plate or between the throttle plate and the flange ? If you go with manifold vaccuum, aren't you always going to be vaccuum advanced when the engine is running, until you open the throttle and reduce vaccuum, or does the throtle plate being closed, create more vaccuum below the plate, until you open them?
I think I can link pics off my new website.... ;)


See on the roght of the picture the nipple on the base of the carb?? That's where you hook the advance up on a 300 YF.

How do you like yours?? Any problems??

I liked mine a lot!! 8)


Heh Doug, Mine is OK, that is where I have it hooked up, but I had the holley/weber 5200 hooked up before and I really think it ran better all around, low end and top end. My only problem was I didn't have it jetted right and it was running real lean, so I installed the Carter and solved the lean problem, but I created another one as it is extremely hard to start, when it is cold out (60* or colder). Also the reason I changed it was, it was misfiring when I was just cruising along around 55-60 mph, and I thought it might be the lean condition causing this, but it wasn't, it still misfires when cruising. That is the reason I was asking for the vaccuum hookup also, to see if I could cure the missing problem, (possible timing issue), someone told me that you need to take the vac. from above the throttle plate.