vacuum for brake power booster

bob emmerich

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I just found this site from a user from another site. Wow! I didn't know that there was this much interest in sixes. Anyway, here's my question:
I have a 64.5 Mustang with an I-6 170c.i.d. I recently got a great deal on a brake power booster and was wondering where to hook up the vacuum line(on the head under the carb where the that pipe plug is?) and if there is sufficient vacuum to run the booster AND the vac. mod. on an auto trans? PLEASE HELP! Thanks,Bob
Anywhere along the intake path is fine. you mentioned that plug on the intake log. that's what I used. You just need a nipple with the proper thread - I can't recall right now. Just unscrew the plug and take it to the auto parts store. Hopefully the counter will be staffed by someone who knows somethig about cars. I had to take the guy at my local autozone back into his warehouse and show him what it was and where to find it - pretty lame. Anyhow, plenty of vacuum for everything.
Hi Bob, glad to have ya...

You should have plenty of vacuum for all your needs since you are not adding more that what was offered on the original with all the toys. Important thing here is to make sure that you do not lose vacuum to a leak. Vacuum lines, typically have a stronger sidewall that normal rubber hose to keep them from collapsing. For your power booster, you can run metal tubing most of the way and just use the rubber vac line at the entry and exit points. Good Luck,
Dont forget to change out the brake pedal. It is definitely different from the manual one. On my 68 I had to break of the nuts on the brake bracket. Not sure if it is the same on earlier models.


PS Oh yeah, as cheap insurance replace the master cylinder while your at it. A leaky one will cost you the time to do it all over again ;)
Will I have to use a different Master Cylinder? I plan on staying with the "Mason Jar" single reservior. Thanks,Bob
BTW-Cobrasix, you were right. I now added it to my favorites column.

I sent you an em of some of the posts that I have been clipping and saving. Also you might want to check out CH Topping...for some great brake stuff, history and conversions.