VI aluminum head update - March 2020


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Okay, it's still February, but just barely.

I talked to Matt (Matt Cox - owner of Vintage Inlines) this week. He has been contracting with a commercial/aftermarket cylinder head company for production of the heads. He is being told that his first production run (I think it is 100, but I'm not positive) will be completed by the end of March (2020).

Additionally, providing there are no issues, he intends to order a second run almost immediately.

So there's light at the end of the tunnel!



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Have you heard of any news if they are available yet? I emailed them and no reply.

I’m new to the forum and trying to figure this all out


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As of now, Matt is shipping a couple of heads a month, or so. At least, he said he had two more going out in August... :beer:

Dang Covid-19... :devilish:


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I've called, emailed... everything, with no response. Maybe I'll just have to keep my money and move on.


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The only way I have been able to talk to him is in Facebook messenger. I don't know if you use FB (I rarely do), but he's always responded within at least a few days that way. HTH.

I agree, his communication and website updates are not ideal. But remember that he is only one guy, who has invested at least tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in a small business with very small returns, who has a very busy day job, too. Not many people could do it better, in my opinion. I offered my help to him earlier this year, putting together a file of head page website updates, simply to help him out. I'd suggest anybody else who might be able to help him with some small part of running a website or business do likewise.

Yes, it's a business. But let's be honest: there are only a few hundred, possibly a few thousand, worldwide, of us schlubs who are interested in the Ford inline six cylinder engines. At least, to the point of actually spending reasonably significant amounts of money. Certainly there hasn't been many people who step up to actually buy a $2k+ cylinder head. And none of us would have the option to even do that, if not for Matt, and Mike W. before him.

There simply isn't enough of a market to support a full service, full time business, doing what he does.

I'm getting off the soapbox now. I hope I haven't offended anyone, that's certainly not my intention.

I'm looking forward to getting my own head, too. I've been on the list for going on two years now, and he said that I was getting close to the top...

All I'm trying to say is, if you want the best thing you can possibly do to improve the power, efficiency, mileage and driveability of your engine, try to be patient. Still. Again. :mrgreen:


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Sergeant82d, I am certainly not offended by your post! I am thankful you gave us an update. I hope we all understand Matt is doing what he can in his spare time. I think I got on his list about a year ago, so I just have to be patient.

Wayne clark

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Hi all . As many of you I hope I got on the waiting list a year back when I first got my 67 Mustang vert but I don't know.

I know Matt is a one man show but it would seem with the large backlog of people who want an alumn head( there are a lot of people on the vintage site as not everyone thinks a v8 is the way to go) now would be a great time to put more money into the venture and try to supply the pent up demand for the product.

Some people think the six cyl owners are not enough in number to warrant such a investment but I say bull. Have you ever looked at the number of vintage Mustangs produced and sold world wide that were 6 cyl engines? In case people have not been paying attention to the car makers 4 cyl, v6's are the norm and yes even the lowly 6 cylinders are making a come back.

Here in America we have became accustomed to cheap gas compared to worldwide cost. So I would be willing to bet almost anyone who has a small ford 6 cyl and could afford one would buy the heads to be able to have a much better eng power wise as well as more fuel efficient.

I know it all about the money and numbers but surely there is some mfg who would turn the heads out in large quanity even if not doing the finish machine work.
I suspect that the long wait has caused many 6 owners to move on and write the alumn heads off as a lost cause never to return there again.


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I have access to a foundry. We just purchased one by default on a land deal. I do not know how long we will be keeping the business but for the time being, It is alive and casting parts everything from aluminum, bronze and cast iron. I know nothing about the business other than during these rough economic times, We are not going to shut it down.
Having said that, if someone has access to the molds, I can get the heads made even if its 2 at a time. Let Matt know, the only thing he needs to pay is for the cost of the raw materials. Upon casting, the heads will need to go and get machined elsewhere. I am willing to help for this cause. He can sell the heads and turn over some cash. I am located in Virginia.


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That's good to know! I have a backlog of patterns to get completed but have had difficulty finding a foundry to cast larger pieces, so that just created a Catch-22 to even move forward to finish the patterns to begin with....