Weber 32 ICTs for offy tripple?


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I know the recommended is the weber 34 ICH for a 200ci triple setup, but I remember seeing a reference to the 32 ICTs way back when. I figure the 32 ICT would provide enough cfm to accelerate on until the outer two kick in but I am not positive on that. I am not even sure what the 32 ICT cfm rating is but a would assume it is around 140cfm. Any thoughts on this? ICTs seem to be more available since they are popular on VW Beetle dual setups.
The more I think about it a 32/36 progressive weber has a 32mm venturi just as the 32 ICT has a 32 mm venturi. The 200 will run on the 32mm venturi in the 32/36 so why wouldn't it run on a 32 ICT in a triple setup untill the other carbs open up? It seems like it makes sense but I know this thinking is probably flawed .
Nothing flawed about it at all. Aussie 3.3/4.1X-flow alloy head engines run a Weber 34ADM, which is a staged 34 mm carb with approx 25 mm venturis. A variant of these was used when the French ran them on Chrysler C180's with 1.8, 2.0 and 2.2 OHC fours (coded 34ADA or ADS, methinks), the Italians ran them on Lancia Coupes, Fiat 132's and 131's (32ADFA etc).

The AD series carb is very well made, and much better than the old 32/36 DGAS/DGAV/Holley-Weber. Just that the parts are not in good supply in your side of the Pacific. A staged carb is much better than a non-staged carb on a six.

The 32 ICT has a 32 mm throttle. The venturi is smaller! If you can get parts for it, have a go. A 200 or 250 log would love it!
Another thing that might help, is the Webers I got were replacements for the Solex on the BMW 2002. So when you go to look for the 34, jsut ask waht teh replacement for the BMW is. I know the 2002 is a very popular car to build for Auto X so the carbs shoudl be readily available.