What Cam?



Hi guys, Hows it going? Great forum you have here. Im looking at giving my XE with a 250 a bit more go. I have had a browse around but am not sure on what cam I should get, what would you guys recomend? At the moment the bottem end is stock but in good condition as is the head, It is a manual, and has extractors and 2 1/2 exaust, the stock tall diff gears/ but am planing on changing to 3.2, also going to purchase a holley and a maifold probably a four barel, I also have a set of YT Bolt on adjustable cleveland rockers laying around. Im not sure on which cam I should go for, I dont realy wont to get any head work done, would the crow cams 14892 be ok? or would it be too big with no head work? Im after a nice sound out of it and some more go, fuel consumption isnt high on the priority list but I dont want it to be too thirst. Any help would be apreciated, thanks in advance.
Well, having a manual box helps here. It may be that the 776 gives more feel in the seat-of-the-pants sense when installed. (I love the 770 grind, but that's personal - not at all a recommendation.) Certainly 892 is the hottest you'd be wanting to go.

For the carb - either a small Holley 4-barrel or a larger 2-barrel. Spend the money to get it dyno tuned.

NOTE THAT you will require the install kit No. K1402 as well, or source these parts separately.

From a budget point of view, you could change the internals first, and worry later about the carb and manifold. It would not be 100%, but far better than stock, and a way of spreading costs.

Regards, Adam.
I gave crow a call, and they recomended the 14770. He said it really makes them "sing". Has anyone purchased one of there cams and kits? If so where from and how much? I rang repco and I almost fainted; $370 for the cam, $780 for the kit!!!! That was for the 14770 and the K1403.

Thanks, Jaime
Was that Ron or Ray? My money's on Ray... :LOL:

The 770 grind is red-hot dual pattern, BUT... requires special springs, retainers, stem seals... Whereas the lesser cams require only new springs and standard seals. Hence the parts kit cost being high. Also, you need to machine the head to install the different seals.

REPCO stands for "Ripping Every Poor C**t Off" - shop around. The timing set is about $120 in the shops - JP or Rollmaster 9-key. Antipump lifters are about double the standard price, but are same as Clevo and W-motor - look on E-bay for a new set of name brand. You'll have some spares. ;)

IF you had the money to do a little head work, put in all the nice parts and do the diff at once, then the 770/K1403 will run nicely. But if it's necessary to go piecemeal (most of us have other fish to fry also), then it's just too much at once, and you'll have a dog until the job is finished.

Your last parts would be the Holley and dyno tune/dizzy recurve. If you have a 5-cog box, then the rear end may be first.

Hope this helps out.

ive got the crow 14892 cam in my 250 xflow..... i dont have the kit tho... ive got all the new bits in just not the crow bits..... the cam is well... pretty much the best i could get....... mines auto, hd double springs, moly retainers, dbl row chain and gear... and all the other simple fruit.... pretty much just mildly worked.... goes hard tho.... originally had a much wilder cam that was more suited to a manual but it was too much... the wrong cam can seriously dissapoint you. it had bugger all pickup then would just throw ya into the back of the seat........ the 14892 has a much broader range an although doesnt kick me back like the old one its much better..