What is this head off of??



When we rebuilt my '66 Mustang 200 a few years back, we needed to replace the head. Well, we called up a junkyard in another state and they sent me a C6DE-B casting head. I'm just curious what kind of head this is, as to combustion chamber volume, etc.

Thanks in advance.. :)
Howdy daniel94:

The C6BE-B casting is a 1966 casting number used on 1965, '66 & '67 Falcons/Comets/Fairlane/Mustang. It should have a 1.5" carb hole 1.69" intake valves, a 52 cc combustion chamber and no hardened valve seats. it is a correct number for your '66 Mustang if originality is of importance to you.

Adios, David