what the ?



hi all

havent been here for a while.

the WB was too hard to do: ie i got it apart and decided not to do it. not enough time

now im about to buy a white XF ute , with all the mod cons except chromies

i still have the xe and in the last week it has develeoped a seriuos ignition rattle. today i took off the dizzy cap and inspected it the little stop inside the rotor button has nearly torn thru, me and dad cant figure out how its happened. bastard problem was a button off of a 302 V8 was the same size but wouldnt fit the shaft. being 6 at nite everyone was shut so i cant a new bastard till tomorrow. any ideas how its happened?

cheers smythee
lol, never heard of that happening.

What was the storey with the WB? It had been crashed or something had it?