what type of carbs for an offy 3x1



What are the various pro's and cons - including cost, for carbs for an offy 3x1? Ive heard of the following being used

Autolite 1100

Weber 134 ich

weber 132 ict (from another post that just went up)

Holley ?

any advice? what about chokes do any of these have an electric choke for the center one at least. What do those weber ich ict letters mean anyway? Also what about vacuum advance for my DII distributer, is there a place to hook it up?
I went with Autolites, and have a manual choke on the center carb only.

My reason was cost and availability, and I had Holleys and hated them, the Autolites have worked great.

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I also went with Autolite 1100s. Same reasons as Lavron. They run great, they are not very finicky, and they are cheap. I bought all automatic chokes because they are actually cheaper then the manual chokes. I just then removed the automatic chokes from the outer carbs and left the autochoke on the center.

One of the reasons I went with autolite also is they are lower profile then the holleys or webers. I also bought a Pony Carb for the center (if you don't know, they rebuild carbs better then anyone I know) and just cheap rebuilds for the outers.

I was able to make the automatic (not electric) choke work for the center carb without too much difficulty.

I went with the webers. My other car is a 911 so while it does not have webers, earlier ones have, so I was familiar with them. Plus I hated the Holley and or Autolites i have on teh Mustang in the past.

As my car is a weekend cruiser, I have not set up the chocke yet, but I plan on installing just a manual one and hiding the pull thing in ash tray inside the car.

Actually hooking the choke to the ashtray would be cool. People would wonder why you had to pull it out to start!
WEll that would be cool, but I was just thinking of hiding the pull knob in the ash tray...