What valves should I use?



Since I am going to have to pull the head I am getting a little work done. What valves should I use to help with performance. I am in the process of upgrading to the 5200 and nitrous is in the future. Figure while I have it off I will do some upgrades.
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What a great opportunity that little nut gave you.

But, I've forgotten what you're working with. How about some more details and a budget generality. I know about the 5200, but that's about it. Getting old is not for sissys. Memory is the 2nd thing to go. I can't remember the 1st.

You might read the FAQ sticky at the top of this catagory as a start.

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8) if you are building a 200 or 250 i would recomend a 1.75" intake and 1.45" exhaust valve in stainless steel. for a 144 0r 170 go about 10% smaller unless you are building some very good power.
I don't mind repeating myself. I don't mind repeating myself. :D I have a 65 fairlane with a 200. Future plans of adding a bottle. For some reason my signature is not showing. Let me once again look at my profile. Thanks for all the responses.
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Assuming you're doing a quality valve job on the '65 head, I'd recommend, at the very least, a surface plan of .025" to ensure a level mating surface, to maintain your '65 CR and to compensate for gasket thickness differences (See the Sticky at the top of this forum topic), install hard seat inserts, a three angle valve job and back cut the intake valves, new seals.

If you can handle the above and are looking for more, here's a list;
1. Install 1.75" late model intake valves, Your stock intakes are 1.69".
2. Install an exhaust port divider whether you intend to use headers or not.
3. Round the short turn transition from the carb hole to the logs in both directions. Consider boring out the carb hole from stock of 1.5" to 1.75".
4. Polish (in order of most useful) the piston top, combustion chamber, and valve faces.
5. Gasket match and port the exhaust.
6. Pocket port to smooth transition from cast to machined surfaces and trim valve guide bosses. You do not need to enlarge the port walls.

With your 5200 and a good exhaust, you'll love the difference.

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Thanks for the advice. I ordered your book today. I assume this information is included. My machinist has some experience making a 250 better so I am confident that things are going to be good.
Can anyone recommend a good source for the above mentioned valves? Also is Clifford the only or best place to get the port divider?