Will the triple intake fit?



i thinking about getting a triple intake but i'm wondering if it will fit with a/c? i know i should get rid of the a/c if i want some power but it's just so nice to have on those 85 degree days. thanks for your help.
85 degrees - is that supposed to be hot? :rolflmao:

Seriously, you may have to tie one of the lines out of the way, but the tripple's linkage shouldn't interfere with the compressor at all. Headers on the other hand (which you'll want to add if you do the tripple mod) will, but a few guys here have worked around this.
yes, 85 degrees is pretty hot for me. especially when it sits in it for 5-6 hours with my black vinyl interior. i've also found out that girls don't like it very much. i do plan on headers too, but i guess i'll just try to work around that like the other guys. thanks for your help