x-country reliability set up



imagine that you had to take your 200ci from los angles to new york and then back again....you would be travelling 9-12 hours a day...on flat roads and in the mountains.....i have a rebuilt engine and head is ok.....i've been having a hell of a ingition problem...but thats another issue....anyway....my question is what set up would you go for in such a case...meaning you want to get there so reliability and dependability are the issues...not speed...so what type of carburation and ignition would you go for.....nothing exotic or fragile....what do you guys think???
prob a pertronix and a spare points setup to swap in just in case. any carb will prob work. would try to gear steep like 3.08 or so.

just got done doing 200 miles in teh past two days in my 62

8) well before i drove my 64 falcon 2100 miles, tucson to shenandoah, i installed a crane xr-700 electronic conversion. the falcon has a 170, 2.77 3spd, 3.20 gear. never had a problem, my grand marquis should do as well.
I would consider putting a T-5 in if you have the time. If not...put an electronic ignition in and keep the points/old coil in the trunk. Also, bring a pillow to keep your back from dying from the lovely mustang seats.

When I had my first I6 '65 Mustang I drove it from L.A. to Seattle and back several times in all types of weather with no problems ever. I did have to watch the temps but it never overheated. The engine had over 100K miles and I think the trans did too. Stock ignition (points and yellow top coil), auto trans, no a/c or power accesories and no performance anything.

Averaged 21 MPG until I added the Jacob's Mileage Master and coil which squeezed another 2 MPG - it may have been from being able to open the plug gap to 0.050.

The car wa 20 years old at the time and if I had my I6 coupe running today, it would be 5 spd, V8 suspension, rebuilt 200 with some Aussie head, header, and a spark box. But for reliability, the stock system completely rebuilt can do it. The little 200 is a tough engine.

My humble obs.

Dean T