xe disc brakes into 67 xr


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hey guys ,anybody done a full disc conversion on a old falcon . ive got
disc brakes on the front with a remote booster.im currentlly looking at a
ruff old xe wagon .would i need to use the xe master cylinder when i put the xe disc brake rear in .im going to put the xe disc fronts on .hopefully the 4 speed is still in good nick. also thinking about changing the steering,
i would like to put in power steering,but ive heard that the chassis rail needs to be modified to fit new box .all the extra grunt gets a bit scary
when sideways using a 14"saas wheel ,manual steering and about 6 turns
eitherway ,it likes to wag its tail.sure scares the shit out of on coming
traffic.any ideas ??

cheers dave 67xr6
Excellent idea to change all the brakes. The booster and master cylinder should bolt up to the firewall but you will have to drill new holes for the booster.
The front brakes should be a bolt up fit. Hint, change all the steel pipes and change all of the fluid. The pipes are about twenty to thirty years old and probably need changing by now.
The XE diff will bolt in ( a wagon not the sedan) but the diff housing is wider by about twenty to thirty millimeters. Not alot but probably enough to make you tyres rub. That is some thing to look at.
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Theres no need to change the master cyclinder unless you particularly want the dual cct system, I did an XP which is very sililar and kept all the old hydraulics without problem.
If your only going to go to a smallish v8 or hot six then rear discs are overkill, especially at the cost.
I have done it to my XT wagon using XC 9In and brakes. The diff bolted straight but I had the wheels off set altered so that they sit in the gaurds right. As mine is a manual using a hydraulic clutch I found I had to replace the firewall section around the booster for an XY section giving enough room to fit the clutch master. From there it is XY Booster and Master. Better off using the PBR set up so that the brake bias remains the same.
As for the steering - it's the devil or the deep blue sea. A cheap 70s/80s box which needs the car modded to fit, or the wallet busting rebuilt ZA-ZD/XR/XY style ram assist setup.

Either won't be a cheap option in NZ.
Work out, and shove a 16:1 4 turns lock to lock steering gear in it! The GT's ran them, then they were options right up to the last leaf sprung XD Falcon ESP. Its likely only the 1967-1971 XR-XY's had ones that will fit, but perhaps the XA-XD ones will fit.

I grew up working out on unassisted XY, XB and XC ute's in my days working for Central Electric, and they ran 205's and the steering was OK. XA-XC's had a lot less movement in the steering than XY's.

My XE runs assisted steering, and I'd rather have the half metre tighter turning circle and no assist, even with 235/60's on the front.
thanks for the replies guys,some good info .i best be getting on the hunt for the steering bits to start with.i got some new 16x8 mags for xmas with yokohama 225/50s on .it seems to handle better but still a bit heavy.man what a difference in looks.getting some cred now even from the ricers.
even with crap paint and no carpets ,goes to show what ricers know about of cars its all about the wheels a ride height ( and exhaust).any way im happy..

cheers dave 67xr6