XP engine variants.

144's, 170s, 200s. Not sure if there were high and low comp variants on these. The 144s seemed to mostly be in the commercials.

200 engines varied - the last XP 200s had a full XR style rig, down to the air cleaner. Possibly the 170s followed suit. I am not sure what they did for the carb on these.

Got a bet on? ;)
I was just wondering if any rare models came out with a V8 of some sort. In the US perhaps?
IIRC the XR Falcon won the 1966 WCOTY because it was the first Aussie V8 Falcon...
Warner's speed shop had the "nod" from Ford to drop toploader/289 combos into the hardtops. Not many done. I have a rear shot of a white Futura, skinny tyres, '65 dealer plates and twin exhausts with turn-downs. Very stock looking. Possibly, the shift lever was in the front tray of the console.

Don't believe any were auto - now I'll be shown wrong.

I understand a fellow near Moree has a near mint example. Story has it that many were smashed because of big motor/little brake issues!

Equivalent US models had V8s optioned almost from inception.
Disco is mostly right tho. The XR was the first factory V8 offered as a regular order car. The V8 Xps were also like the convertable Xls. very few were made and offered to the public.