All Small Six yellow terra rocker arm install tips

This relates to all small sixes
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When you install the yella-terra rocker arms you starve the distributor gear & camshaft gear of very needed lubrication.
To fix that condition the second & third lifters are on either side of the oil hole above the gears.
You can cut a .025" x .025" groove in those two lifters and that will flood the area with the necessary lubrication to prevent scoring of the gears.
Tech article by Bill Ambler
See my new tech article if running 1.65 yella-terra full roller rocker arms with a DUI distributor for extra distributor shaft oiling with extra gear oiling.
Hi Bill, do have a link for your new tech article for a DUI dizzy and yella terra rockers? Just want to make sure I'm reading the right thing. Cheers
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