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AJ16 4.0l supercharged efi 4v all aluminum its a ford too.

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AJ16 4.0l supercharged efi 4v all aluminum its a ford too.

Post #1 by XQsThaiPoes » Mon May 10, 2004 4:15 am

It is the ugly duckling in the 12v jag world due to marketing I assume. The early AJsixes have leaky gaskets troubles. The supercharged engine is strong with 237 hp.

You can get a manual but it is hard to come by in the USA I think one year they only imported 1 to canada. I assume there are t-5 kits for it already every other jag has them. It is about 531 lbs dressed. It is a pretty engine too for efi. Some british jag tuner even made a turbo.

Would this be cheaper for a guy in america than over building a 300 or importing the newest aussie turbo? I would love to put this in a fox body. Open the hood and scare people. Step on the gas and scare people. Best of both worlds. Sadly I don't have the cash right now, and have no idea how one would mount it a problem solve better with money.

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Post #2 by MustangSix » Mon May 10, 2004 8:02 am

The biggest problem is that this engine is huge. I have one in my XJ6 and it dwarfs a 200. It is even bigger than a 300.
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Post #3 by xctasy » Sun Jul 18, 2004 4:18 am

It's big because it runs a wide head, and a huge font cover with the traditional odd-ball Austin Rover cooling system. Nothing like the US market cars, full of simplicity.

The engines bores are closer than the 200 Ford I6, and way closer than the 300, but its still much, much longer. It's half a V12, and occupies the same longitundinal footprint. It is a 15 degree slant, but should fit if you organise the sump clearnace issues.

Interestingly, a lot of Jag ideas eventually were fertised into the latest XR6 engine. The 12 weight crank, the oil pump, and the 24 valve arrangement are similar, although different in detail. No bits interchange.

I'd go for the 4.0. It has vast strength in reserve, and is lighter than the XR-6 engine with accessories, and has similar power. It has a lower centre of gravity, and, hopefully, the Getrag/BMW transmission could be fitted to it. I have no idea if the AJ-6 has a V12 dowel and bolt spacings. I understand the early BW 12 auto on the Jag V12's had an FMX style alloy bellhousing. The later ones had a special kind which is similar to the THM 400.

If the ZF auto has a similar flexplate, crank and a separate bellhousing, then you can just add the V12 flywheel and an internal hydraulic centre hole ram and fit any T5 or T56 or TopLoader/Tremec, or Toyota Supra 5 or 6 spd trans. In NZ, we do this with Nissans V6 and L6 engines. The stock auto has a separtate bell housing, the light duty 5-spd manual is all unitised. So we grab the bullet proof Supra box, and bolt it to the auto trans bell, with modifications. Not easy, but you can then make sure you use local bits rather than something exoitic.
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