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1967 250ci Chevrolet transmission question

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1967 250ci Chevrolet transmission question

Post #1 by Tak440c » Sat Jan 15, 2005 10:51 pm

Will a modern T700R4, or other overdrive automatic bolt up to a 1967 250ci Chevrolet 6cylinger?

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Post #2 by Asa » Sat Jan 15, 2005 11:01 pm

i'm sure that it's possible to do
the question is, what bellhousing will fit it, and to that i have no clue

if you don't get any concrete answers here, i've noticed that over at they seem to be more oriented towards the chevy inlines, so you might have better luck over there
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Post #3 by 63redtudor » Sun Jan 16, 2005 1:55 am

As long as the 700R4 has the SBC bell patern. All chevy 230/250/292 used the SBC bell. You may need to check the balance on the flexplate though, it needs to be zero balanced.
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Post #4 by Tak440c » Sun Jan 16, 2005 1:17 pm

63redtudor wrote:As long as the 700R4 has the SBC bell patern. All chevy 230/250/292 used the SBC bell. You may need to check the balance on the flexplate though, it needs to be zero balanced.

Thanks... To clarify, I would need to use an unbalanced SBC flexplate on the 250ci to run the 700R4? Or can I simply bolt the 700r4 toque comverter straight to the original 250ci flexplate?

Im sitting on a T700R4 out of a 1983 Camaro with a 305. I would love to get some more MPG out of the old biscayne by ditching the original powerglide. Im rather hoping that adding the 700R4 to the 250 Chevy a "Just remove old transmission, bolt in 700R4. and go" kind of affair.

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L6 Biscayne.

Post #5 by STEVEN. » Sun Jan 16, 2005 2:49 pm

Ah! Another Inline powered Biscayne! OO6./The-X-Or-Six!

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Post #6 by 63redtudor » Mon Jan 17, 2005 12:16 am

Tak440c, you're going to have to post that question on the inliners site. I know some of the basics of the chevy sixes, but not much more than that. Unfortunately all of my chevy friends 'have' to have a SBC. :roll:
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Post #7 by big1 » Sun Mar 06, 2005 7:00 pm

It will be a direct bolt-up. It should be the same with the convertor.
One problem that you will encounter is WHERE WILL THE ELECTRIC FOR THE TRANNY COME FROM?
Several company's that make shift kit's also make a very simple computer eleminator kit, but for no more than you get they are expensive. I've installed several of them and it is easy.
Keep in mind that what appear's to be a passing gear cable IS NOT !!!
Care must be taken here. This cable set's the inner line pressure's for this transmission. If you don't have the proper guage's don't attempt to set it. This is one time where it pay's to have a professional do the setting.


Post #8 by OHChicken » Sun May 01, 2005 1:31 am

Yes, an 83 700R4 will bolt up- as they only came in the chebby pattern. They aren't computer controlled, either. That would be the 4L60E that came out later in 96. You will have to use an unbalanced flexplate (Chebby 6s are internal bal); just get one with the dual pattern (most have it factory anyway). The 305 is an externally balanced engine- so don't use that one. Now that I think of it- your stock PG flexplate should work with a small-bolt pattern converter (which the 305 uses).

Unfortuneately- the trans is longer by a bit, so you'll have to cut the driveshaft down. Should be easy & relatively inexpensive. The TV (throttle Valve) cable he's referring to adjusts line pressure based on throttle position- it is critical to get it right. You'll probably have to affix some type of bracket to your carb to get the 'radius' proper. Also- For lockup, you can get a simple kit from many vendors, but I've used TCIs 376600; it allows you to manually control your lockup, as well as having the converter unlock when you step on the brakes. Easy install & much needed.

Go to TCI's site for lots of good tech:

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Post #9 by 80broncoman » Sun May 01, 2005 9:30 pm

My 83 th700 I had years ago the plug on the side of the trans had three wires going to it . One goes to the lockup converter (apply +12v it locks up)
The other two go to a 4th gear switch. It is possable to look up the wiring diagrahm and put a switched 12v into the 4th gear switch and then come out
and go back in to the converter.
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Post #10 by xctasy » Thu May 05, 2005 4:46 am

xtaxi wrote:Huge! I can't think of a better swap in any car, anywhere. Wait, a T5 in a 3-speed 200 Mustang could be close!

The stock Iron Glider has a tall first gear, and a tall diff ratio. The use of a proper modern THM 700R4 will make a huge differnece on take off. The older 2004R is a similar kind of transmission and is lighter and has a less savage first gear. They are getting older. The 307 Olds, Buick V6's and lots of other GM cars used it, but you need a SBC bell pattern, so a THM 700 is a better option.

The THM 700 first gear is a savage 3.06:1 rather than shallow 1.73.

2nd on the THM is first on the Power Glide.

3rd THM is top on the Power glide.

Over drive is an absolute moonshot!

The easy going 250 has a very smooth and tranquile quality about it in stock form. I spent 18 months behind the similar Toyota Landcruiser 4.2, and it was much smoother than my Falcon 250. I've read a bunch of drive reports, and the 'Biscuit' sort of dies with the Powerglide, but will be smooth and economical with the THM 700.

Find all Chevytown's posts, and read. There is some important back-up switching and lock-up clutch in over drive to sort. The block pattern is straight SBC. The stock flywheel may have to be replaced for the last THM 350 250 six form the 76 on 250 Chevy Caprice.

It'll make the car! You should be running the 3.55:1 diff at the very least. With the overdive on, its like its running a set of 2.4:1 gears. The take off form the lights will be roughly twice as rapid.
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