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Crossflow 250 Oil Pan Gaskets in the US - info

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Crossflow 250 Oil Pan Gaskets in the US - info

Post #1 by hucklburry » Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:02 pm

While going down the rabbit hole, and getting parts for this crossflow and another vehicle, I found something that maybe some knew but I didn't see it anywhere with a search.

I was going to cut my own oil pan gasket, but the cork gasket from a Ford 1966 Bronco with a 170 fits on the sides, except one corner needs cut and 1 hole made in it. All other holes (25?) match up. I found that via pics on rockauto and counting the # of bolt holes (US 250 has more).

The rubber ends for the bearing caps don't though. Not even close, the 170 bearing cap seals are much smaller. That got me thinking, since I was able to use a 302 rear main, I bought a cork gasket set for a 302 (in my case, I used a 76 Ford Bronco at the parts store to find it, but any cork gasket set from a 302 would work??). The ends look right. If anything, they MIGHT be a hair short, but I don't think they are, I will find out probably tonight.

I was going to cut my own gasket, and wasn't sure what to do at the ends for the bearing caps, so I started looking around. I wonder if maybe a US 250 end seals would work too? No one stocks that gasket set (oreilly, napa, autozone, adanced) so i went with the 302 set. I'll post up pics later.

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Re: Crossflow 250 Oil Pan Gaskets in the US - info

Post #2 by gravelrash » Sat Oct 14, 2017 6:01 pm

250 pre crossflow is the same gasket.
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