1965 mustang

  1. RedOnWhite65

    65 Runs but missing, even timing light misses.

    I just took delivery of a White 65 Mustang coupe--Red interior, 200 CI with automatic trans. Everything is stock (not hot rodded). It starts every time (after a few tries) and runs well enough to drive but it misses consistently--even the timing gun light misses. It has all the typical ignition...
  2. E

    Ported vacuum

    Can someone please help me out with the vacuum lines on my 1965 Mustang 6 cylinder 3.3? I believe it has a 1978 Fairmont 3.3 engine. Most of the vacuum lines are missing or not there. It has two ported switches with two outlets each. I would like to know what are the most important vacuums that...
  3. Slurp

    All Small Six Weber 32/36 PCV Hose Guidance

    Hi all, I am currently swapping my 1v carb for the Weber 32/36 2v carb (electric choke), which I purchased as a kit from Vintage Inlines. The car is a 1965 mustang with a 200ci inline 6. In order to mount this carb, the cooling plate had to be removed, which had 2 heater hoses and the pcv hose...
  4. L

    I need a cheap intercooler for my budget turbo build

    I am slowly building up my 200 for a turbo I currently just have a header on it and I am slowly but surely getting a build sheet. I need a cheap intercooler that will fit and get the job done. I am not looking to go above 8-10 pounds of boost