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    All Small Six best clutch kit for 3.3 200 straight six?

    hi, i have, as the title says, a 200 straight six on a ‘67 mustang 2 door hardtop paired to a 3 speed manual transmission and i was wondering if there were any viable racing clutches, heavy duty clutches, or just overall a clutch that can take some beating like a champ to it to replace/somewhat...
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    200ci How do my rockers look? And Carb missing a rod?

    I know these are two separate questions, but i'm inspecting the engine with my valve cover off before replacing the gasket. How are things looking visually inside? I don't know what to look for, but all looks good and oily to me. Also I noticed my 1100 doesn't have a rod that goes over the top...
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    All Small Six 200 w/ Al Head - Been sitting for 12 years

    Morning everyone, I’ve got 65 coupe with 200 i6. It has an Aluminum head and alloy intake from classic inlines from what I’ve gathered. Holley 2 barrel sitting on top. After vacuuming out all the rats nest and acorns - new battery - fuel line to fresh gas…no fire. Points were getting power, but...
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    Wanted 200ci rebuilt engine, good running engine, or parts to rebuild!

    My engine is shot, so looking to see what’s out there! Willing to pay for shipping, or if it’s close enough I will drive to come pick up! I’m in Louisiana. If I can’t find an engine to buy to swap, I’d like to buy parts needing to rebuild what I have. Looks like I’ll need a new crank, and at...
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    All Small Six New member! Some questions about 200ci

    Hi guys! Heard about this forum from Vintage Mustangs and figured I’d post here. Long story short, I’m changing the oil pan on my 200 in a ‘67 mustang. I dropped sway bar, and I’ve been told I can do it without removing cross member but it will not come out. Not sure what else I can do...
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    All Small Six 200 ci Mustang II oil pan options

    Good day everyone. I’m sure this topic has already been discussed but trying to search this forum is a bit challenging. 1963 Futura with a 200 ci. I want to convert the front end to a Mustang II and it seems the oil pan will be my greatest obstacle. is there an oil pan option with a correct...