200ci How do my rockers look? And Carb missing a rod?

This applies only to 200ci


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I know these are two separate questions, but i'm inspecting the engine with my valve cover off before replacing the gasket. How are things looking visually inside? I don't know what to look for, but all looks good and oily to me. Also I noticed my 1100 doesn't have a rod that goes over the top linking the dashspot/ accelerator pump, is there an issue with this? Thanks in advance!

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Well, looks like everything has been covered up for a while. I’ve seen worst. Nice you have adjustable rockers.
Not a real 1100 carb. I have no experience with the knockoffs.
It’s hard to tell from the pic but it looks like there might be a rod attached to the bottom. If the accelerator pump is activated with throttle movement, you are good, if not you need the rod missing
Got it, thank you! I'd like to learn more about the adjustable rockers sometime. Eventually i'd like to rebuild
I have them even with hydraulic lifters. Gives you a little more adjustment. Remember if the adjuster threads are loose, they can be replaced. You don’t want them moving