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    200ci How do my rockers look? And Carb missing a rod?

    I know these are two separate questions, but i'm inspecting the engine with my valve cover off before replacing the gasket. How are things looking visually inside? I don't know what to look for, but all looks good and oily to me. Also I noticed my 1100 doesn't have a rod that goes over the top...
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    All Small Six 1100 Carb help

    I need carb help for my 66 mustang coupe auto trans. I'm now on my 3rd carb in the last 5 years, all plagued with vacuum leak issues, running rich and bad idle. Timing on the car has been set and is good. My newest carb is an 1100 rebuilt and bought from Summit racing. I found out it has no SCV...
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    All Small Six Engine Stalls After Heating Up

    1966 Mustang 200cid engine with Carter YF 1 barrel carb. I recently had some ignition problems which were resolved by replacing PCV, Plugs, and cleaning the distributor cap. This weekend I was driving in the Connecticut hills and after driving for ~10 -15 mins, if I let off the gas pedal and let...
  4. Crustang to Mustang

    All Small Six 3x Carburetors on 250ci

    I'm trying to sort out my carb situation and I need to know, what is the overall cost of doing the Offenhauser 3x1 set up (give or take)?
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    Autolite 1100 on a 226H how to.

    I have successfully fitted an autolite 1100 to a 226h. Here is how I did it. bought a cheapo carburetor from amazon. Get what you want for this, I got cheap because this was an experiment..but it worked good. Open up the carb and remove the main jet. It will probably be...
  6. 4100 Service Manual

    4100 Service Manual

    There is also a good PDF here at Mike Carburetor Parts