170 to 250 swap



I just removed my original drivetrain from my Falcon... A question..

What mounts should I use to install this right?

The Granada mounts dont look like they'll work.. Should I elongate the holes in my stock mounts? Or should I buy Maverick mounts from the parts store?
I believe you use your existing frame mounts. Then use the intermediate mounts and the block mounts from the maverick. Here is a blurb i have from inquiring about the same thing.

Motor mounts. I got some help here. Someone from TFFN (I forget who) gave me the scoop. I used the brackets that mount to the block and the mounts from the Maverick and the Falcon brackets that go from the mounts to the shock towers. But there is a trick. The mounts will be at the wrong angles, but each of the Maverick brackets has two corners bent down and the mounts have two corners clipped off. If you spin the mount around the corners keep the mount from sitting flat on the bracket and sets the mount at the correct angle. Odd but true.

I used stock 6 cyl mustang frame mounts and the 79 granada motor mounts from my granada donor in my 66 mustang. The clearance was tight but with a little air cleaner mod, the hoods shuts nicely and everything fits fine.