1st Post....this calls for a smilie!



I won I won...lol

What was that Falcon GT day thing that I kept on seeing snipits of on the news yesterday? If it was in perth, I will be severly annoyed.

Also I got my steeing fixed up, so no more floating falcon.

Man I missed this place.
ITS BACK!!!! ..... its quite disturbing ,ive just realized how little work
i really do. its been so boring with out the fordsix forums..there only so
many games you can play in an office without being sprung.its seems like
im one of only a few kiwis in here...is there any other kiwis?. i guess i will
just have to be the other little island off australia . ...keep thinking of that
old gary glitter number....ITS GOOD TO BE BACK.... (ps i dont have the album)..dodgy old man that guy.

cheers dave67xr6
alloydave":30ydsyhw said:
...keep thinking of that old gary glitter number
"On Paro-ole, On Parole"? :LOL:

Kudos to Dylan. Now we can delete each other's posts out of spite, LOL.

Dave, if it makes you feel better, my great, great, great grandmother (maybe missed one great) was the first pakeha wahine (sp?) in NZ. I have the same surname, still. Relos everywhere, North and South. My old man has a place in Wellington (Hataitai) with fabulous views across the city. I think he meets his e-mail girlfriends there. :roll:

Regards, Adam.
addo":2otyfuf7 said:
Now we can delete each other's posts out of spite, LOL.

I nearly deleted someones post when I went to quote them, as thier edit button was where the quote button normally was....lol.

Your not by anychance a games salesman are you?...lol.

dylan,i wish i was a games salesman i would me making heaps of cash at
moment ,seems like kids these days have a lot of money to waste.im just
a autoparts salesman ,i sell only to engine reconditioners across NZ ,pistons , bearings, gaskets ,valves etc..

i should be visiting your sunny shores next year .i have a brother in sydney ,maroubra beach and my dads new wife has family down in
port lincoln .seems the family like the auzzie chicks..

cheers dave 67xr6
ahhh, so that's how you got all that good stuff for your 250....lol.
Hello alloydave and co. This web site rocks! All my neighbours have Jap front wheel drive fours, there cars are sanitised, reliable and utterly boring.

I've got an 1984 XE Falcon sedan with a reco'd, cammed 250, Holley 500 throttle body, Impco CA300 A5 carby, and a bunch of bananas hanging off it. It's done 230 000 clicks and my misses cruises around with our platoon of ankle biters in the back, while she drags off the CRX and EVO brigade with one prod of the accelerator. Why is it that a cast iron block dating back to the sixities can cane a Hiroshima Sceamer!

We South Pacific Poms / 5+1's gotta stick together to fight the good fight against the plastic food token invasion. Aussie Falcons rule, brother!
hey there xecute ,welcome aboard .good to see another six from NZ.this is an awsome forum,these guys have got all the info you will ever need .
where about in nz you from ,im in east auckland (surronded by chinks).
i drive a 67 xr falcon with a 250 alloyhead ,450holley,hot cam,acl race pistons ,shot peened rods ,full balance job ,ported head ,hipo spring/retainers etc .working in the parts industry ,definitly has its ups,the pays crap ,but paying cost for the bits makes it a little easier to put up with. ive only seen one post from another kiwi ,i thinks its a guy called
gedan ,with a xe-xf ? panel van (are you aout there gedan).

cheers dave 67xr6
Hi Aluminum Dave. (That's for Stateside people who can't say Aluminium or Alloy)

FYI: I'm an inmate of the hillsides of Dunedin,South Island where the snow is low and the cold can deep freeze the breeze. Been stuck in Dunny Din for 12 years with my love intrest and our three kids!

We own 779 squares of real estate with no bleading garage. The Family Hack XE Falcon 4.1 is modified with lots of odd ball internals, a #2300 500 cfm Holley throttle body, a custom alloy adaptor that sucks propane from an A5 Impco CA 300 LPG carb, extractors, 351 radiator and , gasp, a long suffering Borg Warner 35 getting signals from a VG Valiant kickdown cable. Old hump sits on rusted 14 x 8 Wildcat Modulars with 235/60 and 245/60 tyres. Car is certified for wides, but I'm not! Diff is useless 2.77:1 stockie, and drums provide burn-out action out back. And get this, it's 3 on the tree with a ruined XB front bench. Had car since 1995, and its now on 230 000 km.

Car was my first propane conversion, and the thing aint pretty but it sure is fast! Current project is converting to legal N20 system and sorting out the 221 crank/ 3.3 rods/ 305 pistons/305 valve modifications I've had on the slate for last four years. I'm also busy making a 3/8 " thick adaptor to suit a US AOD four speed auto as I can't crack the 4-spd BTR electronics. Plan is to then install 4.11 BTR gears out of Nissan Pintara.

I'm also building a turbo'd 2.3 V6 TF Cortina for my wife. I hope to stop her driving the Falcon everywhere by giving her something small and punchy. I think she suffers from suburban nureosis.

(I just suffer from crud spelling).

I feed the costs of these projects by being a project manager for a roading firm. I get stuck in plastic food token Asian cars 4/5 ths of the time at work...suerly the worst part of the job. I've refused a company car out of bone-headed principal...if it isn't a Ford, forget it! Old Falcons aren't the best car in the world, but I don't have to read 50 pages on fault codes and mortgage the house to pay for mods.