Wanted 200 ci inline 6 needed

I don’t have one, but you should post where you’re at. Someone near you may have one.
Also it might help to post your request in the "Wanted" or "Buy, Sell, Trade - Small Six".
"Vintage Six" refers to the Ford Flathead Six and the 215/223/262 OHV Six.
Some people might think the 144, 170, 200, and 250 are "Vintage" sixes, but for this forum they aren't.

One place you may want to check out is www.car-part.com. It is a website you can search auto recyclers "junk yards" for parts across the US. On the search page choose something like Year - 1973; Make/Model - Ford Maverick; Part - Engine; Leave the next two drop down choices as is; Enter your Postal Code next then click "Search". The next page will ask you which engine you're looking for. A 1973 Maverick had three engine choices - 6-200, 6-250, or 8-302; choose 6-200 then click "Search". Results are sorted by distance from your zip code. I did just such a search on the website using the 90801 zip code and came up with several 200s within 250 miles. Unfortunately, they are listed as rebuildable cores. I have used this website to find several newer vehicle parts.

Hope this helps.
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