200 head gasket for turbocharger.



I am getting closer to getting the turbo motor done and was wondering if anybody knows of a good head gasket to use. All I am lacking is a hobbs switch to setup all the nitrous noid and nozzle for extra fuel and rebuildind the turbocharger. It is CLOSE!!!!
8) in my opinion rol makes the best gaskets for use with forced induction systems, however i dont know if they make one for our sixes. the next best gasket would be from felpro.
If you can't get a Fel-Pro lock-wire gasket, you maywant to condider o-ringing the head. How much boost are you planning on running? If you're looking at 6 SSI, a standard gasket should do. By the time you hit 10 PSI you'll probably want something more.
I am not planning on hitting 10psi for a little while. The motor I will have the turbo on will be just a stock 200 with the ported late model head that I have on my nitrous motor now. I will probably break a piston before I learn how to get it all st up anyway. :LOL: Well, that is what I said about the nitrous and the cast pistons. It still beggs for more nitrous today! Got to love the tough 200s!