221 for sale?



Does anyone have a/or know where I could buy a 221 for my mustang. Is it possible that I could build one?
Isn't the 221 an Argentine engine? Check with Southern Cross Racer.
yea a 221 is an argentina engine yea get ahold of matrin southern cross racer he is were i got my 221 me head from he probly can get a 221 engine for ya
Its funny you ask. I have 2 221s coming in 4 weeks. Where y'at?

DBzOkole is the man to ask about buying a 221 engine. Now, if you want a SP or ME head with that... :) Martín.
Funny, I'm finally getting one together for the US, too. Scored the last known Toploader cable bell in Sydney for it. :p 9-keyway roller chain, Bosch electronic igniton (canes the D-II), gasket kit ( :idea: DB, 221s have different oil pan gaskets), all the specific Oz gear that's hard to get in the US. Plus, it's a virgin bore. The ME and SP heads are different, but that's about it, performance wise between the two origins.

I am building my own 221, too. A crossflow 250 will make more power and be more tractable with a mild cam, but the challenge of a resto-rod 221 is too much!

What I want to know is what pattern the Argentinian bellhousings are...

Hey Addo,

Another 221 setup eh, coool! I asked for a rebuild kit from the dudes in Vic, I'll have to ask about finding an oil pan gasket too if they haven't included it. I've already got several Bosch ignitions laying around here so I'm good to go there. If I can't use the TRW forgies then I'll have some sent over from Martin.

Hey I dig the 221 just for the extra 21 cubes and no major mods to fit into the small Comet engine bay. I've asked Martin for the Argentine goods to go into the 221. I'm trying to talk him into finding a source for a MILD roller cam "thingy" :oops: .

Martin, I'm interested in a bellhousing too, maybe one I can use with a T5? How about one I can use with a US C4? Sooo many questions.

My other issue is no-one's actually told me the PCD of the flywheel bolts on a US 200. No point sending over a flywheel and clutch if they're interchangeable. It looks like the bell could take an 11" unit if offered. Cable actuation is on the right (your passenger side), below the three bolt starter.

The oil pan gasket bit drove me NUTS! I got in the right items as per the ACL handbook, and the sizes were wrong. So we went with the earlier (1966-68 ) 170/200 set, and it looks to be correct. :roll: Country to country, there may be differences in the main bearing sets, especially #5.

I don't know what Mr P. is doing for cam and pistons, but I'm going ACL hyper slugs and a custom grind Crow, with Y/T rockers. These pistons are about AUD$450/set with file fit rings. I don't need forged pistons, and don't want cold piston slap (heard plenty of it on the old 170 :LOL: ).

'Course, when the thing breaks on the dyno, XECUTE will say "I told you so", and launch into a lecture on rod ratio...

Cheers, Adam.
:!: I'll bet shoe-lace eating money that the flange on all US, Argentine and pre 1970 Aussie 144/170/188/200/221's is the same.

My machinist did the welding for my crank main bearings (controling fillet radii and shoving the extra 100 thou on it) and width alteration of the offending thrust bearing. The smaller than Windsor/Cleveland crank flange is a pest to fit an FMX drive plate to, because all the bolts are wrong on it...the PCD is the smaller 170/188/200 size.

Don't talk to me about crank pitch centres , main bearing size, thrust bearing width or front crank pulley (harmonic balancer). They are all different to the 250 cross flow crank, and have been a constant source of hassle to me. And the rope seal is a proper mental break down material, which is why I haven't fitted it to the engine. My Chevy pistoned wonda engine has been unassembled in my garage since I arrived in my new house, and spent 12 months under the crawl space in my old house. I'll get there. I'm still working on starter fouling the bellhousing flange on my AOD trans adaptor. Putting a 30 degree slant on things is not a picknic. No pictures yet. I broke my work digital camera in the rain doing site investigations late last year, and my boss is still trying to get NZ$1300 of lost profit back into the company coffers. :oops:

And I guess Aussie7mains and HotRod would disagree strongly about the 221 being a rod chucker. Even at a 400 Chev-like 1.48:1, the super short stroke and huge overlap in crank pin /main journals means that rod bolts are the only weak link. Rods are close to 289 spec in length, but narrower. I'm picking that Aussie ones are forged...but we've been through this charade before...they are probably cast....doh!

Bill Mann in Brisbane built over 70 GM Holden strokers using the 1967 to 1971 186 Red motor L6 engine. A lot of 221 cranked 186 Holden strokers run 1.425:1 stroke:rod lengh ratios..stock Sunbird rods on a cut up Falcon crank. No reported breakages. Give it death, addo!