223 to y block conversion



Im running a 223 that for the time being will be my rods motivation. Since i am into the vintage/nostalgia scene, i was looking to eventually swap a ford Y block into my model a. Will these motors bolt right up to my 3 speed manual? Seems wasteful to have so many bolt patterns with a simple engine option. Let me know any thoughts. Thanks!

How does that 223 do in your rod? I am wondering as I have rebuilt the one in my truck, with some speed equipment and it moves right along. As for the bellhousing I have heard that it would be a bolt on swap, but I have not tried it. Sorry that I can't be more help.

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the car is still being built, but all it needs now is the motor to be dropped in and final wiring and paint. the 223 is stock except for a CLifford header and an Offy 3 carb intake. It should move just fine. its the complete driveline out of a 1956 ford f100 (motor to diff).
If you get around to it, post a couple of pictures of that setup.

It sounds pretty. :)