24 V head ?



a friend off my got a lotus omega head with twin turbo.s !
these are some left over parts , also the brake part.s , his dad sold the car .
i did read some where that a holden / omega / lotus head is the same bolt pattern as the ford ?
maybe stupid , but i did ask him to bring the head gasket to me , i want to now . :LOL: :LOL: i got a 200 headgasket here , gonne see how it will fitt ! :p
btw how about the complete L jet electronic fuel injector system from the 3 liter omega ore monza ? looking nice to me !
8) now this could be interesting, a twin cam ford six. let us know what you find.
Top Of The World to you the66mustang!

My friend has an 1984 RHD Opel Monza CD, so can you put the Lotus Omega 24V head in the post, and send it and the turbos to New Zealand?. I'll buy his car and strap that head on. Who cares that its a General Motors product when its got 370 horsepower!

The Opel's Bosch injection set up would be perfect if the intake runners line up. It's not cross flow, so its the same set-up as a US I6!

Info For your Benifit:-

24 valve twin cammer Ford I6's have already been in Australian production since September 2002! Australian Twin Cam Falcon sixes use the same bore spacing as the 144-250 I6'S, and only recently changed from the 250 spec con rod (5.88 inch/149.4mm long centre to centre) and basic crank design for the 4 liter SOHC six. Stroke is still the same 3.91 inches ( 99.314 mm) that the US 250 came out with in October 1968! There 35 years of lineage to the lastest DOHC 24 valve Intech I6 in the Aussie Falcon, almost 44 years if you count it as a realative to the first October 1959 US Falcons! Bore spacings, centre to centre, are 4.045 inches (102.74 mm) for all US and Aussie OHV and S/DOHC sixes!

The Australian GM OHV 130/138/149/173/179/186/202/2850/3300 Holden six and 1900 Starfire four has the same 4.045 inch spacing as well. Just why the arch rival of Ford would copy it is the possibly the same reason a Y-block v8 has the same bore centres as a Small Block Chev!

The Opel engine is very different to the Holden six. I suspect it was totaly metric. Wasn't it 1968 when it came out? The cam in head OHC engine wasn't thin-wall, and was heavier than the Aussie 253(4.2liter) and 304/308(5.0 Liter ) V8's. Peter Brock, nine times Bathurst winner and Holden race driver, said the 1984 Opel Monza3.0 GSi engine was Chev V8 weight at around 245 kg (540 pounds) rather than the 207 kg (456 pounds) of the Holden V8. The bore size was up to about 3.75 inches (95.2 mm) in the 2000/2400 Ascona fours and 3000/3600 Omega Sixes. The fact that Enrich Bitter threw in a stroker crank to 3.9 liters vouches for its durability! My guess is the bore spacings are more like the 4.125 inches( 104.78 mm) that it's English OHV 2.6/3.3 liter Vauxhall Cresta 6 cousin had.

Boy that Lotus Omega was such a weapon. Germans do carry guns!
ahhhah damn like always , lots of info , you could write a book , always good and long info,s thankx !!!!!!!!
send me a tickford engine ore crossflow and i will send the head and the complete frond disk brake setup ! deal? :D
btw there cost a fortuin over here ,the omega lotus head ! you cant order a head , you must have a id nr from the car and have 1 reg on your name !!!!!!
btw how about the complete L jet electronic fuel injector system from the 3 liter omega ore monza ? looking nice to me

hey will that fit on our 200's?? the thing that makes the the aftermarket efi systems so expensive is the computer. i think that if you can get that out of a boneyard and put in the injectors in the head and use that system, that would be great. its got to be cheaper!!!

is it possible? anyone? anyone?
the 66mustang:-

In Australia, there is a conversion to fit the Opel Omega derived Holden Commodore strut front suspension to the Mustang (1965-1973) and Falcon (1959-1987 sedans and 1959-1998 utilities).
It's very expensive, but is simple and strong! That's the right sort of disc brake IFS for a Ford... a GM Holden Mac Pherson strut set up that Mr Macpherson invented in the late 1940's for Ford anyway!


The 2.5/2.8/3.0 Bosch injection manifold was run from the first esprinz 2.8 liter Opel Diplomat ( the de-dion axled, Chevy V8 luxo-barge of the late 1960's). One of the first cars to have intergrated headlamps.This was the first Opel injection OHC six. Then there was the gutsy Opel Commodre GSE ( similar OHC 2.5 liter, I think) of the early/mid 1970's. Then there was a brace of big engined 2.5/2.8/3.0 injected Opels up until the last Opel Omega 3000 single cam in the early 1990's. Then it got the non turbo 24v head. Plenty to chose from if you have Europena friends to import a maniflod from!
manifold is no problem and the complete injectie system from a monza ore senator ore any opel car 3 liter is verry cheap here !! a complete running car is about 250€ maybe this is interesting !
complete injectie system for 250€ adapt to the 200ci head , with a turbo blowing into the orginal log ! :shock:
can you program / tune a computer from a opel ?
btw :why not use the crossflow efi intake with some modificatie ? look simple to me , im plannig to mild the intake,s of the head and attach some adapter plate to it , from there you can modify the cross efi intake for the adapterplate , and setup your opel 3 liter injectie ?
this give me thoughts . i think i will get me this weekend a complete 3 liter injectie system from a opel. just for the look and see how it maybe can work out ! btw the intakes from the opel are verry good , maybe with modi it will attach the adapter plate ? i will gone give it a try !
My guess is that the centre cylinders 3 and 4 are likely to be equally spaced on the Opel, but are wide spaced on the Falcon/Mustang I6. Shouldn't stop you looking though. The Opel engine is quite a heavy animal, but it sure has a wicked top end rev range. Shame Monza wore an Opel badge, the post 1983 GSI's were excellent cars!

Comparing a 1984 Australian 3.3 i6 VK Holden Commodore to a 1984 Monza showed that Aussies under stood how to make cars tough, but Europeans knew how to make cars with a passion. The 3.6 Liter Lotus Omega is the only GM product I ever want to drive

Ah, the joys of Europe!!!!
Aye, me laddie... Ford has used lots of the McPh. struts from the 50s on, but Mr. McPherson worked for RootesGroup/Chrysler in Europe when he invented his famous uprights. They were great on my '66 Cortina GT MkI; surprised lots of big buck$ Porsche boys in the mountain twisties with that well-balanced little Alpina Green jewel.