250 2V 4bbl intake



I had one made in Oz a couple of years back. I have noticed people showing interest in such a manifold, as a matter of a fact a guy just contacted me about purchasing it. I was wondering if i emailed some pics to someone would they host them so that everyone else could see them. Just to see how mine was done.
E-mail me at plurco@hotmail.com
hey what is the difference between a 4bbl head and the 2bbl head? are the intake runners larger? volume bigger?

the intake was originally a 2bbl intake, I had it modified to 4bbl patern.
You can either mount a square flange or spreadbore carb to it. The intake looks as though it would flow better than it did with the stromberg flange though.
Here's your 4V intake and Aussie 250 head! just copy the url from each picture!





yeah and the guy that owns this just might be selling it :)
hey JD this is Davy. the pics are of the one you did for me.
....about two years I had a 2V head and intake shipped from Oz. Before it was shipped I had it modified. The guy I got it from (and I hate that I have forgotten his name, cause he was very nice and trustworthy)

So you're saying this dude was me, :shock: :shock: Man I'd better do something about that nice bit. :eek:

Actually it did look familiar but I couldn't find any emails from a Plurco, but Davy yes. Mate you've had that setup since July 2001 and you're telling us it ain't on yet !!!.
man the project stall and now I am going back to school. I am trying to pass it off to a worthy receipiant. Giving whomever gets this a heck of a deal.
yes i am now the new owner of this head. I would like to say that i had a very good experiance with davy. I am very happy now that i have all this. it will be a while before i get it on bc we have to get some other parts so when can do it all at once. but i will keep the group updated with pictures and post. I think i am going to go with the red valve cover. I am not a crome man my self. i like understated better. but the red one still looks cool. i have done very little body work to my car and that is what i am going to focus on for a little till i get some more money. I will tell you what i have done as of now. I have a 1965 mustang coupe with a 200cid. It had a three speed m/t that was making a very bad grinding noise, so we swaped out a T5 transmition. The T5 makes a big diffrance even with the Engine only really working on 5 out of the 6 cylinders. The first cylinder ring is broken and we need to get it fixed we will do all that at the same time, as the head change and some other stuff.My dad and i made our own short throw shifter. we when to some performace shops to look at the ones for ricers and the trucks to get what they were doing and we made our own for the t5. It looks pretty cool and it was free so that s the best. We used some aluminim from my grandfather that was left over from some prototypes of parts from the apollo, witch sorta makes it have some cool history. how my of you can say you have part of the apollo in your car. anyways, we also got a new exaust with a flomaster muffler and 2 /4 tubing. they will install the new exaust header when we get it but we needed something bc we had no old one. we have completly rebuilt the suspinsion front and back also doing the shelby drop. we have installed a complely new breaking system from the master cylinder to the drum breaks( we will put front disk on some time). We have also put TCP subframe connectors on. and we have a new export brace. and we ordered a monty carlo bar a while ago but we have had some problems with that. o yeah and we also have two blue Corbeau CR1 seats to be installed after we get it painted.

My goal with this car is to get a good MPG but have some better performace i need to look into a cam to see what i need to accomplish this. and i got to start on the body. o yeah we just got a millermatic 135 so we(my dad and i) are learning how to weld too.

Enjoy it man. and be sure to keep me posted. It's gonna be a great running car.