250 xflow extractors



G'day all

Quick question, what do you think are the best extractors for the 250 in an xe?


Used ones from dudes who have chucked the six and thrown in a V8! :) :)

I paid 75 smakers for a used uni-fit XD/XE/XF set. They were an obscure band called Heatseaker (no, not the US cam maker...although i got my cam from them), and needed a flange plate made up 'cause the previous owner had gas-axed them off.

Got rid of the nasty leak prone header tube, and it only sounds slightly noiser just off idle.

Guys who throw in Windsors or Clevo's in Blackwoods (XD,XE,XF,XG, and XH's) amuse me. The vast supplies of good condition BW trannys and diffs, six-cylinder bits and Centrefold bench seats.They all tell me they should of left the six in, just wanted the V8 sound. Often they get it too, just before they go insane over the engine swap woes or worse....broke!!!!