2bbl VS 3X1'S



Besides the cool looks of the 3x1's is there any noticeable power difference between a 2bbl carb and the 3x1's.
I'll let you know. I tried a 2V set up right before I yanked my engine.

If you think about it, if you jus do the 2V adaptor the Offy should have an advantage. The offy negates the restrictive log intake by placed a 1v carb between every 2 cylinders. With the 2V adaptor, you're still trying to force fuel/air down the log to the outer cylinders. If you do the 2V like some of the guys here and modify the log, that would be a little better.

To me, the 3x1 seems the perfect compromise. You maintian the low end driveability because you maintain the single small throat carb at low load, yet have the capacity and distribution solved with the other two.

If I was interested in more power, it would be the way I would go.