2nd day...more productive then the 1st...


Well, yesterday was the start of putting my engine back together. Not much happened yesterday other then getting the cam shaft in and getting very frustrated. I also had to relap a few valves. I hate lapping valves.

Today...finished putting the cam shaft in, put on the timing gear set, distributor, alternater, water pump, harmonic balancer, got the tranny ready.

Tomorrow: Put the oil pan on, and get ready to put the engine back in...So much fun...so little time.

glad to hear all is going well. i remember putting everything together in my mustang last summer. just keep up the good work, and be patient. i had to go back and fix something i didnt pay attention to the first. but i'm sure you've got that covered. good luck. thanks for keeping us posted. cant wait to hear how your setup works out.