4 Speed OD trannies


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Are/were the RUG series trannies used much on import Fords here?

If they were to turn up secondhand, what kind of price would be likely? Just curious.

Dunno about RUG 4-speed Overdrives. Are ya talking about imported F150's or something? Last overdrive top loaders died with 9 inch diffs in 1986, I think.

I got an AOD 4 auto, which was slung on the back of a 302 from Charton Auto Wreckers in Gore for $350 NZ. These guys import lotsa Yank iron to satisfy the urges of Southern men who divert money from there dairy farms to project cars down here. There are some hot machines down here! Kiwis love thowing these old AOD4 things behind 351/302 Clevelands as they are FMX style in the casing. I've also seen lots of overdrive Toploaders off US 250 I6's and 302's. My mate used one in his 3.3 XF 5-Speed after he slung a 289 in it. Nice box, with lopeing top gear and close intermediates. They were a three speed with a overdrive top really. Lovely on a short final drive with a revy little small block. Other one was the SR 4 from the V6 2800 Mustang II and Pinto's. Pretty yuky gearing. Ford REALLY didn't want to spend money on 5-speed gearboxes until the T5 2300 Lima engine got one in 1981.
Perhaps if you post the same question in the 300 / Truck Stop forums. I'm sure they'll be able to sort you out..
Well, I'm trying to bail out my friends Romeo and Juliet again (starving Melbournians). Last year, we did the top end of the motor. Much better with no burnt valves. Suspension's ready to go in, but being a ute, the commercial rear end ratio (4.11) is chewing lots of juice. (About 8km/l with mild cam.)

As they ocasionally have to tow a trailer and carry a full tray load, a pasenger car rear gear set isn't a good idea. But overdrive would help in low-load driving.

It's easy to get Toploader bells for the GM 186 - about $90 up here. If I can find a tranny for $150 or so that will fit - like the RUG (same bolt pattern); it comes out a lot cheaper than the SillyCar 5 speed conversion ($800 minimum, with used parts).

They (RUG's) just don't seem to be a popular box here; given that most F-series are eights, and autos.

So, there's my plan... A call to the F-truck wreckers might be in order.

Cheers, Adam.