62/63 Falcon Firewall query??


I saw reference to different part #'s for headers for 63 Falcons having "short firewall" vs "later" or something close. I'm trying to understand this as I have an early 63 Falcon Wagon and an older 61 Comet that I plan to need this info once the glacier retreats. (NY Hudson Valley winter '03)

Looking for a set of one out or Ypipe setup that will fit with 3.03 or T5 and what probably IS "short firewall" or "earlier" application. ?!? ...

PB :unsure:: :!: 8)
I was told that 60-62 falcons have a firewall that goes straight down but the 63 has a firewall that "slants" back towards the rear.

I'm not sure if there is a difference between 63 and 63 1/2.

On cars with the straight firewall you have to use the "shorty" headers because the longer ones will hit the firewall.

I've heard some say that you can beat the firewall with a hammer and make the longer ones work but I personally wouldn't want to try it.