Accelerator return spring?



Does anyone have a picture of how their accelerator return spring is hooked up, or does someone mind taking a picture or heh, you could just tell me where it connects to opposite the linkage. My throttle was sticking so I went to look at the spring and its just a dainty spring thats ties around a bolt, it's bent every whichaway and that way. So I'm just curious how its supposed to be hooked up.
I didn't think to mention that its a 65 mustang with a single barrel autolite.
I've heard tell that you can hook it up to anything solid below the linkage. Mine is hooked to a bolt on the first U-clamp of my exhaust pipe. I bought a standard replacement one from AutoZone, as my old one was rusty and maybe not so springy.
There should be a small hole on the flange that holds the Donut for the exhast. I connected a straight spring right to that hole. Works great