With CLifford's holley adaptor will the 2 barrel carb still have clearance to close the hood without modification, or is it depending on the air filter used, id rather not mill the log because i have a lack of knowledge of this stuff. any help would be appreciated oh and what is this about tempo pistons with flat heads?
Howdy '68Mustang200:

You didn't say which vehicle you are working with. I'll assume a 1968 Mustang.

The Clifford 2v adapter adds 2" to the height of you carb. However, IIRC the 2v stands slightly shorter than your Carter 1v. The air cleaner is another factor. In the early 80s FoMoCo got pretty good at designing low profile and light material air cleaner pieces.

The Ford Tempo 4 cylinder used a piston that is identical in every way to the 200/250 pistons except that the top is flat. It has no recessed dish. It is called "HSC", which, I think stands for "High Swirl Chamber". If you're rebuilding, and need a CR above 10:1, they may be helpful. IMHO, a decked to zero block and a small dish piston, then mill the head to achieve your goal CR, is still the best for street performance, up to about 200 hp, in a normally aspirated engine.

Adios, David