Anyone using a Weber 34 ICH? Also, dual or tricarb?


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A friend of mine is willing to give me two almost new 34 ICH's that he was going to use on his VW. I was wondering if anyone used this particular carb and what their thought were on it's performance. They currently have the stock jets. I am also curious as to which jets are used in other setups so I can have a good starting point to rejet these.

On a similar note, I am debating on whether to go with a dual setup or buy another for a tricarb setup. I think a progressive tricarb would give better driveability but maybe a little more difficulty in tuning. I am planning on tuning it myself but this will be the first time I have "tinkered" with jetting so simplicity is a factor (although minor). I wouldn't consider myself a novice, however most of my knowledge is from reading (books and forum) and not actually doing.

I guess I should say that I have a Clifford 264H cam, mallory dual pt distributor, dual outlet headers, exhaust divider, and plan on moderate head modifications (D5, valve job, port/polish, slightly higher CR, etc). I am basically looking for more "streetable" power from the engine as this will become my daily driver soon.