ARP Head Bolts?



I was looking in Cliffords catalog and notice they carry ARP head bolts for the 200....

There are two listings here, one for head bolts and the other for stud sets... which is better?

And their list for these things is 100.00 for a set. Does anyone have a cheaper source for these? Does that price seem high to anyone other than me?

I am also looking into locking header bolts and chrome valve cover hold-downs... but those are a little more reasonable in price.
8) the other reason studs are better is they tend to be more consistant in their clamping force because the stud screws into the block, then you use a nut to tighten the head or main caps in place. the only drawback to using head studs is the amount of room you need to remove and replace the head. not much of a problem with inlines, but those of us with V8's cant use them unless we want to pull the motor every time we want to do head work.
so what is the answer about head bolts? Location and price?
Well I have decided to try the studs, my machinist is getting the ARP fasteners for the critical areas, head and rod bolts....

Here is what Marco told me....

I would check with your local machine shop first. They can give you the right ARP part numbers and you can order them direct from ARP.

Studs would be better than bolts only because it makes it much easier if you are constantly pulling and replacing the head. Or else I would go with bolts. They are the least expensive. Also you have to check with your machine shop bacuase the part number in the ARP book may not fit your application. Depending on how much you milled the head or decked the block. The stock bolts might be too long. ARP Item#HAP3.060-5 are 7/16-14 head bolts that SHOULD work with a milled head or decked block. APW1316 are the washers.

1-800-826-3045 is ARP's #.


hope this helps...