Aussie 250 2V head Valve size?


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Sorry if this has been discussed before but I'm not too bright when it comes to working the search feature - lots of hits but can't seem to find the one to answer the question.

What is the Aussie 250 2V head stock valve size and can replacement valves be obtained here in the U.S. ?

Thanks for your patience of a newbie,

Dean T
Heads: 1.649" Inlet, 1.388 Exhaust.
Stems: 0.3421" Inlet, 0.3416" Exhaust.

Lengths (measured, not ex-manual): 4.266" Inlet, 4.278" Exhaust.
Tip length (measured, again): 0.2185" Inlet, 0.2244" Exhaust

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Adam.
Worse case scenerio the valves can be customed made. I had 1.74 in and 1.5 ex valves put in my aussie head but they had to be custom made which was very pricy. I was also told by the machine shop that those would be the largest that would work in that head.
hindle, what was the shop's reasoning? I am gearing up to drop 1.785/1.595 in my 221 head, which has the same bowls. Were they concerned about wall thickness? As for the fit, this is borderline territory, but someone's gotta try it. ;)

Regards, Adam.
I'm installing 1.75 / 1.5 stainless valves in my OZ head. Should have pictures next week.