Aussie 2V update, Mustangaroo & 65Stang


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This post covers mine (Mustangaroo) latest dyno and my son's (65Stang) rebuild of his 200 and Aussie 2V project!
Well I did put it on the Dyno last week, after installing the Holley 500 (358 cfm) carb! It just feels much better, take off and WOT, just feels like much more power! But on the Dyno it only showed up as 2 hp gain! :cry: I am now at 107 HP to the rear wheels or about 135 at the flywheel. :shock: Remember this is a stock short block 9.5:1 CR, Stock Ford Cam, Aussie 2V head, stock valves 1.6 Rockers, NO PORTING or POLISHING! ;)
The Dyno Shop thought I should add the 40,000 volt coil to my Pertronix setup thinking that and a larger spark gap may help? I plan on doing this in the next few weeks and then Dyno again when I take my Son's (using "65Stang" on Mustang to the Dyno Shop!

He is going to start his 200 up today for the first time since rebuilding!
Here's his rebuild list, remember this is a daily driver that will be driving about 50 miles per day! So we weren't looking for the most HP gain that was possible in the 200 or aussie head!

Engine rotating assembly balanced
Bored .040 over
Decked to .000 (milled .030)
HSC Flat Top Pistons
CR should be 9.5:1
ISKY 256 cam, Lifters and Springs (RPM range 1000-4800)
Stock Rocker Arm From Aussie head (1.57 Ratio)
Aussie 2V 250 head
3 Angle valve job, NO port No Polish!
headers six into two (possibly Hooker- NOS)
Holley 5200 (my old one) Good Performance Great gas Mileage!
Pertonix, stock coil

Looking for 135 HP or about 170 at the Flywheel?

We'll post the result's of the Dyno and pictures of the new engine setup!
For those interested the Aussie 2V bolted on and fit very nicely into his 65 Mustang with room to spare!

Here's pictures of 65Stang's project, it was installed yesterday and will start today! ;)



It's possible that you may have only gained 2 hp at peak, but picked up a lot in the rest of the curve. Do you have comparative torque and HP graphs to look at?

Peak numbers will give you bragging rights, but the area under the hp curve is what makes the car nice to drive.

I think the 5200 is going to be too small to give big numbers on your son's engine. At 90% or greater VE you'll need at least 350-400 CFM at 5000 rpm. The little 2bbl may not be able to deliver. Look at manifold vacuum at peak power.
he should get a light weight fan to free up some more power if ya got a fan clutch too that would help gas mi. and give a little more hp 8)

I am a newbie so this is actual request for your opinion, not a an expression of my opinion...

Why even go with a motor driven fan? Wouldn't an electic fan offer him the most freed HP? Not to mention potentialy better cooling? Or is it just a question of cost?

Mustangaroo: Thanks for the update, I am suspense waiting for your son’s dyno. I have been contemplating, nearly this exact setup for my 65’ Ranchero, and it is also a daily driver.
thanks for the update. your son's motor is sswweeeeeet! :D :D :D the pics are great! now i know what mine will look like. 8) old man
MustangSix you are right, Peak Hp doesn't always mean best performance overall! Yes I too think the Holley 5200 maybe too small, but as he is going to drive it alot, he does want the best possible gas MPG that he can get! He allready has a 650 CFM Holley that he will expermint with, but for daily driving the Holley 5200 is best! the fan issue will be resolved when he finds one that fits, it's pertty tight between the Radiator and water pump pully! :unsure:


Here it is installed! 8)
We both have Petronix and stock coils, I'm planning on changing to one of the 40,000 volt coils very soon! ;)
you say that there is little clearance for the fan, what radiator does you son have? 2,or3 row? old man

Do you have room for an electric pusher fan between the radiator and the bumper?

That would free room in the engine bay and make for less clutter.
Topochicho said:

I am a newbie so this is actual request for your opinion, not a an expression of my opinion...

Why even go with a motor driven fan? Wouldn't an electic fan offer him the most freed HP? Not to mention potentialy better cooling? Or is it just a question of cost?

yes the electic fan would give more power but a light weight fan is a lot cheeper and more dependible. Price wise $15:eek:o for the light weight fan and around $80:eek:o for the electric fan :)
Fans.... aren't they fun.

I have a large reversible fan that I have tried in the front and back of the radiator. If you are thinking of doing AC, there is no way to put a fan in the front.

LBones, Inliner and I discussed possible solutions. I came up with 2 small fans. One at the lower passenger side of the radiator and one at the upper drivers side of the radiator. Make the lower fan run constantly, while the other is on a thermo switch. This should enable you to straddle the water pump pulley and not cause any problems.

Let me know what you guys think.

I like a stock appearing engine in a older car myself, but have you considered a radiator and fan(s) from a FWD like a Taurus or Continental? Or a radiator from a newer Mustang and the FWD fans? The newer "plastic" radiators are thinner and would give you the needed room to add the fans. My wifes 92 Conti 3.8 is loaded to the hilt and it runs nice and cool on the hottest days. Im sure that setup would work fine in a 200 or 250 classic.
Latest update on 65Stang's (little Roo, man he hate's that) 65 Mustang, it's running on the street now with new dual 2.25 inch exhaust and Turbo Mufflers! Running good but the 2:79 rear end is killing him, so this next weekend we will install a 3:25 8 inch pumpkin. Should be ready to dyno before the end of this month! We will post more pictures and maybe a video later, of course we will also post the dyno numbers for you all to see! ;)
hey that looks so great. i am goning to follow what you have done some what on mine becuase i have the same goal as you. but i have a question what is your mgp, and what octain gas are u using?


o yeah my dad and i are working on my car together also i think it is something every one should do with their kid!!!