Best waterpump for my 200.



I know a later model water pump will flow more water for my 200. I can't rember what year and car I am supposed to ask for. Does anybody remember? I just noticed the bearing is going out on my waterpump and just starting to leak. Guess I will be putting on a new one tomorrow. I just have a stock one on there now but figured I would try the good one. Thanks for the help!

Ask for one off a 78 or later 6 popper. There is a couple of things you should know though....

You have to have the right pulleys to make the swap and you loose some clearance between the fan and radiator.

The snout is longer on the later model water pump. According to Clifford they flow 25% more IIRC??

Otherwise you need the harmonic balancer, waterpump & alternator pulley from a 78. They are double pulleys so you will be running 2 belts.

Supposedly you can find the right single belt water pump pulley but I have no info on that.... :oops:


Mustang Geezer said:
You have to have the right pulleys to make the swap

That's the only stepback....which pulleys? Do you need all of those you listed or just one ???? :(

I've seen these Flow Kooler discs in the Summit catalog, do you think they would work?