C4 torque converter



A while back I got a C4, converter, flexplate and crossflow coolent lines for my 4.1 not noticing at the time that the flexplate had a counter weight on it (remembered discokin6 telling me to get a six cylinder one without the weight) Iam sorting the flexplate out now but my question is about the converter , seeing that the flexplate fits it does it mean it comes out of an 8 , is there a way of telling the difference between and 8 or a 6 converter or are they the same, the C4 is from a six, its just the converter iam not sure about

Thanks Joip
As far as i know there are only two C4 convertors, a 11inch and a 12 inch, the smaller one is for sixes and 289/302 windsor V8s, 12 inch is for all the rest.
They all bolt in but smaller convertor gives higher stall speed.
The flex plate with exentric balance weight is V8 and although will bolt to 250 crank, wont fit. Use six cyclinder one.
Well I when down and measured it, Iam assuming you measure it on the flexplate side the flater side comes close to 12in, looks like I jump in the deep end to quick, thanks aussie

Took my converter to Melva Converters at Slacks Creek (Brisbane) just to find out it size it is 11'' , Aussie is right there are only 2 sizes in the C4s .. 11'' and 12'', he told me the 11'' had the drain plug in the centre between 2 of the fastening bolts where the 12'' is more offset to 1 of the fastening bolt