can you tab the fuel inlet on an autolite 1100?



I have an autolite 1100 that leaks gas from the main fuel line inlet when the car is running. Upon inspecting the fuel line and the carb, I have found that the threads on the carb fuel inlet are stripped out pretty bad. Is this something that can be tapped to the next larger size to fix this problem? Should I just find another carb? If I need a new carb, does anyone have suggestions on where to get one? Should I just go junkyarding, or is it more economical to buy a rebuilt carb? Anyone have suggestions on good carb rebuilders? What's a fair price for a rebuilt 1100? Anyone here have one for sale.
Any help appreciated.
I have a bunch of carbs lying around. I am sure i have an Autolite that you can strip for the part you need, send me a pm and we can talk. It will be cheap, smile.