Cheap nitrous kit

So I take it you guys dont want to see the pics of it installed on my car then?? :( :(

:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ;)


The guys at work and I came up with a better kit. It utilizes a empty can of Redi-Whip (painted a neon color with stickers) and 3ft length of 3/8" tubing. Run the hose from the air cleaner into the engine compartment and slip it over the can nozzle. When you need a boost, just press the nozzle :p

Oh my, I hope none of you waste money on that crap! Full of lies, bottles are usually 25 pounds (full) one simple line to connect, and two mounts to remove bottle, sulfer does not hurt anything, man I could go on and on! I bought a cheap Power Shot system, used, sent NOS a carb gasket, they built me a plate, with a Fogger in it, and 60hp jets. Ran 1.5 seconds faster, 1/8 mile, never hurt a thing! Then, I drilled out the stock EGR adapter, and screwed the fitting in it (hood clearance better without NOS adapter) I've been running NOS on cars for about 20 years now, 250hp on my Mustang 460, and plenty of SBF's, the stuff is great! By the way, I keep calling it NOS, because I will only use Nitrous Oxide Systems stuff (NOS) because it's safer, more reliable power. I do like the Whip cream idea, sounds like a good Jr. Dragster experiment!