Chrome valve covers.

I ordered one of these on xmas day for my 170. for $7 extra the guy throws in a chrome breather and oil cap. so you get all that for $37 shipped. it looks to be a later VC off a fox body. it should be here in a week or so and I will update then.

I got one of those valve covers off of ebay for christmas. I haven't installed it yet but it looks pretty good. There are some rough areas but overall it looks better than a stocker.
I got mine yesterday. looks great but the sides need a little bufifng in the low spots. I also had to tweak the tabs on the fill cap. mine won't be going on until spring though.

I just bought one of those chrome setups last week. Hopefully it will be here early next week. From what you guys have said at least I know it shouldn't be crap.
i got one alreay it got here acouple of days b4 xmas i paid 27.79 shipped to my door including the 7.00 extra for the breather and oil cap all crome and very good quality stuff i was very pleased and would recomend them to everyone were would you find more chrome parts ex pullys and t stat housing and ect.
I got my cover from same guy on e-bay yesterday very impressed. Only problem is he double shipped the valve cover so know I have to return one.
Anybody thought about talking with this guy and seeing if he would sell directly to us? One of the admins could work a deal with him and maybe get some $$ for the site. Just a thought.
I got a AL t-stat housing and next time it is off I am going to give it a full polish to go with my new shinny parts. btw habor frieght has a special on a powder coating gun in the stores here for $59 and you can get a chrome look powder for $10/2lbs on ebay. I have seen inatakes done with it that look nice....not as good as real chrome but better then chrome spray paint. the key is the prep as they smoothed the intake before blasting it and coating it so it would have a real smooth finish. the sale is until the end of the month and I plan on getting one (normal price is $99)

I was high bidder on a 6 cyl chrome vlv cover. When I got it in the mail, it was a set of Chevy Big Block chrome vlv covers with the chrome oil breather and oil cap. I contacted him, but no answer yet.....anyone interested?