Conceivable HP out of a 250



How much horsepower can be yanked out of a street legal 250 I6 without a crossflow head. :eek:
naturally asperated(not blown or nitrosed)300 to 350 is achievable and will still be quite oz 2v head with the right amount of mods,propane fuelled for the high octane rating(allowing 12-13:1 comp)big cam,tripple carbs etc.all it takes is brains and the only substitute for cubic inches-cubic dollars!! :eek: steve
Im thinkin somethin with 1 or 2 turbos, monster power and still a daily driver. This is like the ideal build. Perhaps unrealistic, but how would this be accomplished (if it can be) im lookin at specifics now. or point me to helpful publications. I dont have cubic dollars. mine are just one demensional, but i have patience to do a slow build. Id rather not have nitrous cuz i don know the legality of it(help here?).