Cutting an air filter?


Well, CobraSix hit a snag this weekend. Got the engine and T-5 installed this weekend. Did a mock up of the Offy and air cleaner to see if the hood will shut. No such luck. It clears in the back just fine but I need about 1/8 to 1/4 inch more room to be able to shut the hood. It seems one of the easiest ways to do this is to just cut the air filter (which is about 1.5 inches tall) down. I would then reattached the rubber gasket and I should have my room.

Any ideas on whether this would work?

Any ideas where I can get a short oval air filter?

I've already recessed the air cleaner on top of the carbs as far as it will go without destroying the air cleaner completely. I looked at dropping it some more, but the most I can drop it is another 1/8 inch, and that will be close still.

How do I lower the motor mounts? Do I just tighten the bolts on the mounts? I'm not sure how to lower them.

well you might be able to redrill the mounts with a new hole just under the old one. this could be done in the car with a floor jack and a block of wood. if the base is AL then maybe a welding shop could plasma a oval from teh base (just inside where teh filter sits) and weld a strip back in to drop it. most shops charge like $30 a hour for welding but it shouldn't take that long if you layout where to cut and have the strip ready.

I am planning on using a carb bonnent setup to a cone filter on mine when I get a 3x1.

I spent hours perusing the internet looking for a weld-in bulged section like a TR-5 has. No luck, yet.
I have a 250 with maverick mounts (1976). I was able to lower the motor 3/4 of an inch. First I made sure how much I could lower it without hitting a crossmember etc. I then took a block of wood put it under the oil pan and just took the weight of the engine with a floor jack. I unbolted the mounts from the frame and the block and elongated the holes downward the amount I could lower it, 3/4 of an inch in my case, with a rat tail ( round tapered)file. I bolted the mounts back on the frame, Threaded the bolts half way or more into the engine block, then lowered the jack until the bolts slid to the bottom of the elongated holes. It was very easy and gave me the clearance I needed for my air cleaner. Good luck.
I tried...the shortest one I could find matches the one I have now and is 1.5 inches tall. I'm thinking of going with a KN filter that flows better and and that may be easier to cut.

I hate that it is only like 1/4 of an inch I need (at most). I'm so close...if I was further away I would scrap it and start with something else, but this close...ARGH!!!