detailed instructions for duraspark swap



where can i go to get a good basic explanation and instructions on switching to a duraspark on my 66sprint?
I'm confused about this. There was a thread not too long ago that talked about finding a full 12v source for the DII box (red wire). The diagram in the link on the previous post clearly shows this source coming through the resister. This is how I have mine wired and it seems to work fine. Can somebody clear this up for me? Thanks.
yep .................good question , i was just in it , with reading the petronix /dura spark topic .

i got a resistor on my mallory coil , must i remove it ? must i setup a new wiring from the turnkey to the coil to get 12 v?
Hey the66mustang,

The "ballast resistor" is the resistor in the red (+) line between the ignition switch and the coil. It is unded the dash. It takes the form of either a small (usually white) box or a resistor wire that is marked as such. This resistor is placed there by Ford to reduce the coil power to 6 volts. When using the PII this resistor can be eliminated as the PII is designed to run with a 12 volt coil. The Flamethrower II is also designed for this application. If your coil was supplied with a resistor of its own I would not eliminate it. In this regard, however, if you are using used parts you cannot be sure the set up was not modified by a former user who may, or may not, have known what they were doing. Bottom line, don't use used parts unless you have done the research and know exactly what you are looking for. Many of us have found some very odd mixes of parts on what should have been stock cars. These things are many years old.

Enjoy - Steve