i wanna in next few months change my diff ratio to a 3.23...... can i still just change the centre? or changing the ratio mean i gotta change the entire diff setup...... ?
If you've got all of the tools for swapping the centre, it could take a few hours. All up, its probably better to go looking for a rear thats already got the 3.23 centre. Or, you could find a centre and get a diff shop to put it in for you (its a fairly big job I believe). If you've got a 2.77:1 diff, you'll need to change the axle shafts too, since the higher ratio gears have more splines on the gear cogs.
Matt, i'd try to hunt down a V8 LSD Diff, from a xd/e i think some of the Z'series had them as well...
Theres a place in Malaga called "trev's diff's and g/b" he charges $80 to fully fit the diff etc, just a thought if you didnt want to do it your self.
So if you've got a centre, and you want it fitted, you take it up to Trev, and give him an $80 handshake?
Nah, that price is to fit the whole diff..
I would not have a clue on just fitting a centre.
I would think you would be better off replacing the whole diff.
thanks mikey, yeh if i dont have to do then it makes me happy :)
do u know wat street hes on off tha top of ya head??
mite go there sat morning and ask. cheers.

A BTR (BW) LSD has a warranty life of 100 000kms, these days. Furthermore, the centres can no longer be shimmed to allow for wear. The minute an LSD doesn't grip, it begins digesting itself quite quickly. A good "setup" is desirable. Expect to pay $150 for checking, assembling and installing a good centre into a diff.

As a guide, I paid $250 for a 4P LSD with adjustable cones. The cones were shimmed and side gears second hand; everything else was new.

When a centre is professionally installed, the backlash and preload are set. These are not arbitrary figures, but design parameters to give good life and performance from the part. I have not yet heard a good argument for ignoring them.

Cheers, Adam.