Howdy, Where can I buy a Duraspark II? Also, is a Petronix distributor setup as good?
I bought the D2 for my car at AutoZone, the one for my buddy's car came from a U-Pull-It. Prices 39.99 (reman plus core 1$ here) vs 15$ used. But all the other parts stores here (Napa, Checker, Advanced Auto) all had similar prices, some charged more for core though.

I have never had a petronix, but I have heard many a good thing about them. And depending on the age/block of your car it might be your only option, some small sixes, double check your '66 but '65 and older should be the small shaft dizzies.

there will be mixed reviews as to which is better D2 vs petronix (and p2)